Taicanada Services Corporation is a BC, Canada Company based in Vancouver, Canada.  

WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (For immediate assistance on residential, corporate or International IT security contact 604-726-0547  "Confidentiality Assured - No WeChat"

Canadian based Contract IT and Security services available for residences and businesses. We take your safety and privacy seriously as do all Canadians. We are under constant threat online and in our homes.

Top rated online system protection like BitDefender offers both multiple device ioS, Android and Windows anti-virus, firewalls, Vulnerability scans, anti-spam,  ransomware remediation and Mobile VPN to actively hide your IP from wifi hackers. 

Residents in Canada must be increasingly but smartly secured against home intrusion while we often travel. New  no long term contract systems like  "Think Protection" offer reliable peal and stick devices with a wide range of detectors and cameras that can be readily configured, accessed and set remotely from anywhere in the world. Contract services are available to help refer, explain or set up your choice of system today. 

Office security leveraging the cloud and AI extends across all devices, software and offsite employees. Secure mobile Outlook for company mail, Citrix client and server are some of the originals to an ever increasing availability of apps and tools deployed or required by employees to ensure company property and employees remain protected. 

Working out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada's gateway to Asia , contract services are available to both individuals and corporations 

LInk to Computex 2018

Connection Introductions and orientation to Asia can be arranged in Taipei, Taiwan.   Gateway to the notorious IT firewalls of China effectively blocking democracy social media like FB , while the China State is locking in every surveillance possible including government IDs, debt scores etc under WeChat. Make you choices carefully !


Assistance and additional information required such as establishing a Taipei branch office, subsidiary,  or company including employment requirements may be requested and arranged only under a Canadian based consulting contract.   


Generous subsidies for foreign startups may be available in Taipei. For more information complete a request for information on the contact page 


Mission Statement: 擁抱我們的多元化,並促進文化之間和諧,尊重和相互回報的商業環境。

中文在本網站上翻譯的內容是非官方版本,可能會有無意的錯誤。The Chinese translated content on this website site is an unofficial version with possible inadvertent errors.   讀者可以通過兩種語言獲悉,為了完整理解意圖和準確性,需要提及英文版本。 Readers are informed in both languages , that reference to the English language version is required for complete understanding of intent and accuracy

Norman Meyer,  (羅門) , Lifetime P.Eng. Status Canada Member Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei.

 1-778-381-5830  (Canada), (羅門)  886.988.048377 (Taipei Cell), EMAIL: nmeyer@taicanada.com

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