About Norm Meyer, P.Eng. 

Norms’ Lifetime Canadian P.Eng. designation was awarded upon retirement based on more than 25 years of Engineering professional membership in Alberta, BC and Ontario, Canada. See LinkedIn profile http://linkedin.com/in/nmmeyer for Professional Engineering experience spanning more than 30 years, including most recent 10 years in Alberta and BC. Norm’s additional Network Engineering certifications also enables leveraging of new technologies as they continue to emerge.

Norman是加拿大人,具有25年以上亞伯達省、卑詩省及安大略省的工程專業經驗,並取得退休獎金。詳細資訊,包含近十年於亞伯達省、卑詩省的資歷請見http://linkedin.com/in/nmmeyer 。Norman在網路工程上的具有專業經驗,並不斷更新最新技術,以發揮長才。

As a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, since 2010, Norm has a unique combination of insights into new IT security technologies. Norm is also carries a BC Security License and has a Class 1 Security clearance with the Canadian government. 

We are also committed to community charity in Canada such as with United Way, one of the most recognized charities that helps Canadian families challenged by the growing divide between societies have and have nots. The United Way platform allows donations to the charity of ones choice. 10% of all contract income will be designated to a United Way charity of your choice. 

Norman Meyer,  (羅門) , Lifetime P.Eng. Status,  Member: Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Taipei. 

 604.726.0547 (Canada), (羅門)  886.988.048377 (Taipei Cell), EMAIL: nmeyer@taicanada.com

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