Taicanada Services Corporation writes, develops and publishes various media such as online editorials, movie scripts, Youtube videos and short stories of international and Canadian interest including political,  advocacy and marketing film productions, fictional short stories including online paid advocacy post content. Through its online taicanadastore it also offers branded promotional and innovative products such as Chinese/English culture/language bridging promotional material, licensed videos and image media. 

Taicanada.com also owns and operates a separate division called iIMF that is currently being launched in the custom modular furniture area with an emphasis on Canadian or other trusted democratic country content. It leverages the Taicanada.com recognizable brand in supporting Canadian manufacturing resilience and decreasing trade dependence on products from the CCP China that can and should ethically be made in Canada. As this constitutes a conflict of interest no products offered by Taicanada.com have any CCP Chinamaterial content. 

All written material, plans, designs, engineering innovations including all media content written or made by Taicanada.com is the sole intellectual property of Taicanada.com and reproduction in any manner without the permission of Taicanada.com is strictly prohibited and subject to legal claims, penalties and account or contract terminations.  Refer to the corporate anti-discrimination, privacy and conflict of interest policies.

Taicanada.com is based out of Greater Vancouver, Canada and operates five divisions of business to support its'  Canadian advocacy and activism for Canadian manufacturing resilience and self sufficiency.  Those being 1. Media Productions and Promotion   2. Online IT Security, Product Development and Engineering    3.Holding Company IT Investments   4. Not for Profit Canadian Advocacy (Awaiting non-profit foundation registration pending selection of suitable board member 5. An Online Retail Store. Its iIMF operations in the modular furniture for which Taicanada Services Corp holds controlling interest operates with an independent board and under a separate name. 

Taicanada.com does not send out unsolicited emails, and limits its Facebook, Youtube and website interaction with followers or post engagements to subscriber invites. Only the Taicanadastore under Zazzle protocols and secure transactions will request payment information. 

IT and Engineering

In addition and to support media and advocacy activities Taicanada.com  offers dependent related hourly contractor technical services which is shifting to iIMF .  See about page for personal credentials on IT and basic Canadian Security Clearances. Note: For any corporate IT support requests Taicanada.com engages 3rd party professionals with more recent certifications and experience. 

Taicanada.com also offers free initial online consultation, contact-less service and assured confidentiality . Please complete an initial inquiry on the Register form or email to info@taicanada.com to receive your initial telephone or online consultation. This secure corporate email address can also be used to report or inquire on any fraudulent online or phone related scam use of the Taicanada.com name. 

Taicanada.com will also assist on a service basis, using its engineering experience, Canadian distributors or manufacturers seeking to source competitive non-China based fabricators, assemblers , manufacturers and supply chain products within Canada or from trusted countries who share Canada's business principles on reliable ethics, integrity. and content.

 Since 2008 

Taicanada Services Corporation is a BC, Canada Corporation based in Greater  Vancouver, Canada.   

This Website is "Under Weekly Update"网站“正在建设中”while developing the "Not For Profit" activity transition, along with a plan for sustaining it. Last Update June 11-2020最后更新时间:2020年5月6日

In response to the Covid19 Pandemic Taicanada Services Corp. is developing, registering and startup funding a "Not For Profit" BC Society for Cdn Consumer Protection of bilateral Canadian and Taiwan interest. 加拿大非營利

Those interested in supporting this cause in any way such as those experienced with cyber security, film editing, social media marketing, Manderin language proficiency are invited to contact Taicanada Services Corp. through the Register Page.  

Anti-Discrimination Policy:  The Chinese people are as diverse as are their many languages. Business and personal risks for which Taicanada.com advocates changes and improved security by Canadian government leadership are considered essential to protect Canadian citizens. Taicanada.com also adheres to strict corporate non association policies with the China Communist Party or any members as a matter of ethical principle and to avoid conflicts of interest. Taicanada.com makes all efforts to identify any such political association risks upfront regardless of race, gender, age, religion and sexual orientation. These security clearances are non discriminatory as Taicanada.com has experience working with many overseas Chinese people while acknowledging that some may also be victimized or be subject to coercion through family members in CCP China. Unfortunately, without an extradition agreement between Canada and CCP China, prosecutions or bringing criminals to justice can pose unique challenges requiring a pro-active position be taken.  
 反歧視政策: 所有的言論和觀點都是針對中共而不是中國人民的。中國人民也是受害者。

About Leadership

Norman Meyer, P.Eng. is the CEO of Taicanada Services Corporation and has close ties with Taiwan for over 15 years. Taicanada Services Corporation is a BC Registered Company in Greater Vancouver, B.C., Canada  诺曼·迈耶(Norman Meyer),工程师是Taicanada Services Corporation的首席执行官,与台湾有15年以上的往来。 Taicanada Services Corporation是加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省大温哥华市的卑诗省注册公司。

諾曼·邁耶(Norman Meyer),工程師是Taicanada Services Corporation的首席執行官,與台灣有15年的往來關係。Taicanada Services Corporation是加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞省大溫哥華市的卑詩省註冊公司。

中文在本網站上翻譯的內容是非官方版本,可能會有無意的錯誤。The Chinese translated content on this website site is an unofficial version with possible inadvertent errors.   讀者可以通過兩種語言獲悉,為了完整理解意圖和準確性,需要提及英文版本。 Readers are informed in both languages , that reference to the English language version is required for complete understanding of intent and accuracy

Norman Meyer,  (羅門) , Lifetime P.Eng. Status Canada Member Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei.       终身加拿大专业工程师。台湾加拿大商会会员。

                                                            EMAIL: info@taicanada.com

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