Taicanada Services Corp is a private BC Corporation, which has transitioned from engineering services provided to the resource sector in Canada both in Alberta and B.C. to include registered BC operations, investment holdings and Canadian sustainability advocacy. 

It is a privately held corporation that is adapting to the significant economic changes, environmental challenges and trade imbalances within Canada through considerable funding of advocacy media activities that are also intended to brand its name as supportive of purchasing locally and environmental sustainability. 

The company neither solicits nor accepts investments by other parties while maintaining strict guidelines and transparency as to the funding for its media advertising to distinguish the company brand as uniquely Canadian without foreign dependencies and influence.

While the majority of its media activities are charitable to advocate for changes in Canadian policies,  published compilations on selections of its released media during Covid outside of online social media is in progress. 

For further information contact info@taicanada.com

IT and Engineering

In addition and to support media and advocacy activities Taicanada.com  offers dependent related hourly contractor technical services which is shifting to iIMF .  See about page for personal credentials on IT and basic Canadian Security Clearances. Note: For any corporate IT support requests Taicanada.com engages 3rd party professionals with more recent certifications and experience. 

Taicanada.com also offers free initial online consultation, contact-less service and assured confidentiality . Please complete an initial inquiry on the Register form or email to info@taicanada.com to receive your initial telephone or online consultation. This secure corporate email address can also be used to report or inquire on any fraudulent online or phone related scam use of the Taicanada.com name. 

Taicanada.com will also assist on a service basis, using its engineering experience, Canadian distributors or manufacturers seeking to source competitive non-China based fabricators, assemblers , manufacturers and supply chain products within Canada or from trusted countries who share Canada's business principles on reliable ethics, integrity. and content.

 Since 2008 

Taicanada Services Corporation is a BC, Canada Corporation based in Greater  Vancouver, Canada.   

This Website is "Under Weekly Update"网站“正在建设中”while developing the "Not For Profit" activity transition, along with a plan for sustaining it. Last Update June 11-2020最后更新时间:2020年5月6日

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