May 2020

Canadian Sports Equipment Manufacturing, (Over $10 Billion annual market in Canada) 

1. Research the NHLPA (The National Hockey League Players Association) position on Canadian equipment and hockey stick manufacturing in China. Initial inquiry made May 19.  Online Petition an option. 

2. Taicanada contacted CSGA to inquire on mandate and any mission statement regarding interests of Canadian consumers feedback from Brands on China outsourcing. 

Canadian Distributors, Advertising as "Made in Canada" 

1. Researching products advertised with online Canadian distributors that attract customers interested in buying 'Made in Canada" products to investigate transparency on product labeling, actual ratios of Canadian products to China and other country of origin products. 

Taicanada Registered with MLI, MacDonald Laurier Institute 

1. Registered and started attending live teleconferences in May 2020