A reminder where the Covid19 Virus Originated and could have been contained. 

General Questions from Taicanada Service Corporation's  “Not For Profit” Advocacy initiatives. (Updated April 29-2020). For current media releases see the Editorial pages.

1.0  Canadian Consumer Advocacy , "Society Registration and Name pending"

  1. Is Canada developing a post Covid19 plan to retract from its essential and other products dependency relationship with Mainland CCP China to kick start Canadian reemployment ? 加拿大是否正在制定一项Covid19后计划,以退出与中共中国大陆的基本及其他产品依赖关系,从而开始加拿大的再就业工作?
  2. Has Canada engaged with businesses and offered incentives to major Canadian brands who now manufacture in China to rebuild and replace these with Canadian manufacturing plants ? 加拿大是否与企业合作并向现在在中国制造的主要加拿大品牌提供激励措施,以重建并用加拿大制造工厂替代这些品牌?
  3. Has the Canadian government developed a comprehensive listing and analysis of all products and their supply chain from the CCP controlled China, including finding alternative sources ? 加拿大政府是否已开发出由中共控制的中国所有产品及其供应链的全面清单和分析,包括寻找替代来源?
  4. What can individual Canadians do to help rebuild country self-reliance and or switch to safe alternative global sources ? 加拿大人可以做些什么来帮助重建国家的自力更生,或转向安全的全球替代来源?
  5. What if anything have Canadian Consumer Advocacy groups done to help consumers easily identify Canadian goods hidden within a sea of CCP China products and demand predominantly clear  country of Origin labeling on all products including online orders from companies like Amazon etc ? 如果加拿大消费者权益保护组织采取了什么措施,要求在所有产品上包括主要清晰的原产国标签,包括来自亚马逊等公司的在线订单,该怎么办?
  6. Does Canada have any trading criteria to qualify countries in South East as stable democracies with shared human rights, universal suffrage and reliable treaties as a basis for fair and ethical trade ?  (Examples are India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan) ? 加拿大是否有任何贸易标准要求民主制度以共同的人权,普选权和可靠的条约为民主和道德贸易的基础? (例如印度,泰国,韩国,日本,台湾)?
  7. What are measures that Canada can introduce to assess and influence a global trading partners' autonomy from the Mainland CCP China supply chain ? 加拿大可以采取哪些措施来评估和影响使用中共供应链的全球贸易伙伴的分离?
  8. Is there a list of CCP China owned or associated companies active in Canada available to Canadians ? 是否有加拿大人可以访问的在加拿大活跃的中共所有或关联公司的清单?
  9. Are CCP China based purchases of Canadian businesses occurring in Canada during the Covid19 pandemic without Canadian government oversight or restrictions, such as India has just implemented ?  在Covid19大流行期间,中共中国是否在没有加拿大政府的监督或限制(例如刚刚在印度实施)的情况下购买加拿大公司?
  10. What additional incentives can be introduced to Canadian companies to switch their supply chain from CCP China to countries which are aligned with democratic principles of governance. 加拿大公司可以采取什么其他激励措施,将其供应链从中共中国转移到符合民主治理原则的国家。
  11. What checks and balances are there on Canadian media reporting ? 加拿大媒体报道有哪些制衡手段?

2.0 Canadian relations with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet Relations

  1. When will the government of Canada recognize the sovereign nation of Taiwan (ROC) at the UN ? 加拿大政府何时会在联合国承认台湾主权国家(ROC)?
  2. Has there been any  financial analysis done that joins Canada with America in the China trade war to eliminate the China trade deficit, as offset positively by Canadian company subsidies and incentives for Canadian employment instead of continued public handouts ? 是否有关于中美贸易战的新财务分析,该分析支持加拿大加入以消除中国的贸易逆差。政府是否会鼓励公司离开中国,排在美国后方,而不是继续提供公共援助。
  3. Will Canada now reconsider its appeasement of China that forced renaming of Taipei and Taiwan by major Canadian corporations like Air Canada to satisfy Chinas' requests for inferred claim legitimacy ? 加拿大现在是否会通过迫使加拿大航空公司等加拿大主要公司改名为台北和台湾,以满足中国对索偿要求合法性的要求,来重新考虑对中国有利的行动? 
  4. Will Canada support Taiwan's membership in the W.H.O. and work with scientists there to ensure evidence regarding the wrongful global deaths allegedly caused by CCP deceit and negligence ?  加拿大将支持台湾加入世界卫生组织吗?并与那里的科学家合作,以确保有关据称由中共欺诈和疏忽造成的全球不法死亡的证据?

 3.0 Canadian Legal Questions on Mainland China Immigration and Political Influence 

  1. How can Canadian Immigration, Taxation and Residence laws be strengthened in Canada on those with secondary residences in Mainland CCP China to help reduce crime and political influence ? 当来自大陆的中国人仅在加拿大拥有第二个居留权时,如何加强在加拿大的移民,税收和居留法。如何减少这种犯罪和政治影响?
  2. What are the statistics on Mainland Chinese immigration to Canada and related factors between 2010 to 2020 as compared to previous Chinese and Asian immigrants who immigrated here to escape communism for its democracy ? 与之前因民主而在这里移民的中国和亚洲移民相比,2010年至2020年期间中国大陆向加拿大移民的统计数据和相关因素如何?
  3. What has the Government of Canada and specifically its Attorney General done in response to the RCMP and BC Attorney General's reports in 2018 and 2019 on extensive mainland Chinese money laundering through the Fentanyl Trade and Real Estate. (See Link) 加拿大政府特别是其检察长的工作,以回应加拿大皇家骑警和不列颠哥伦比亚省检察长在2018年和2019年关于中国大陆人通过芬太尼贸易和房地产在加拿大洗钱的报告。 (请参阅链接)
  4. What emergency rules if any has the Government of Canada put in place to prevent CCP China based interests from purchasing Canadian assets at fire sale prices during National crisis such as the Covid19 pandemic including businesses and real estate ? (Such as India has) 加拿大政府是否制定了什么紧急规则,以防止以中共为基地的中国利益集团在全国性危机期间,例如包括企业和房地产在内的Covid19大流行,以大火价格购买加拿大资产? (例如印度)
  5. What is Canada doing to provide a process of extraditing Chinese Nationals back to China who have or are breaking laws , abusing Permanent Residence Card intentions and are associated with crimes on Canadian soil ? 加拿大正在采取什么措施,以将有或正在滥用永久居留卡意图并与加拿大境内犯罪有关的中国国民引渡回中国?
  6. When will Canada include extreme CCP Nationalism on Canadian soil against independent Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and the autonomous region Tibet as hate speech ? 加拿大何时将极端的中共民族主义纳入反对独立的香港人,台湾人和西藏自治区的仇恨言论?
  7. Is the Bank of Canada monitoring the potential increased risks for Canadian savings in Canadian Chartered Banks with the largest shareholder being held inMainland China ? 加拿大银行是否在监视其最大股东是中国大陆的加拿大特许银行在加拿大储蓄的潜在增加风险?
  8. Will the Canadian government reopen the investigation of IP theft by Huawei which allegedly contributed to the collapse of Nortel along with billions of Canadians savings, loss of employment and damage to our National security through Canadian based communications security ? 加拿大政府是否会重新启动针对华为的IP盗窃调查,该调查据称助长了北电网络的崩溃,并导致数十亿加拿大人储蓄,失去工作,并通过基于加拿大的通信安全受到损害,从而损害了我们的国家安全?


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