General Canadian Human Rights Act & Commission

In Canada, there should be no discrimination, harassment or retaliation against any employee who works for a legitimate ethical, organization that is following the laws of Canada. This is applicable to Canadian citizens and residents and does not include foreign based international political organizations cited for genocide, war crimes and in breach of international agreements. 

Typically Canada defines organizations that operate in a harmful, criminal or racist manner with hateful or other malicious intent as criminals organizations. The definition of a criminal organization in Canada takes many years and even with convincing evidence, some organizations have the resources to contest and avoid prosecution. Taicanada.com will not recognize the rights of organizations that it deems criminal by virtue of its public record of hate crimes, political interference and any outstanding Canadian or provincial investigations or charges. 

Employers have the obligation to take appropriate action against any employee who discriminates or harasses someone. As Taicanada.com publishes media it also, at its discretion, uses its best efforts to consider the value to its advocacy from legitimate international organizations that actively maintains favorable relations in Canada or the Province of BC. Taicanada.com uses its best efforts to remove any social media content posted on its site that is considered offensive or discriminatory.  This social media screening applies as well to individual Canadians citizens and residents as well. 

Under the Canadian Human Rights Act, employers are required to ensure that all employees affected by the company are treated equally, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or any of the other grounds of discrimination listed in the law. Taicanada.com willingly extends this expectation and recognition of rights to its associates, clients or customers 

The Canadian human rights commission explains the employers and employees obligation regarding discrimination, harassment and retaliation. 

Every province and territory in Canada has its own Employment Standards. For further information, it is possible to contact the relevant Employment Standards Branch in the province or territory the company for which this document is written.

Exceptions and China Specific Provisions on Anti-Discrimination

Taicanada's advocacy media, includes the goal of building a unique brand name that encourages close ties with trusted Asian democratic partners and takes exception to close relations with the hostile CCP regime. Hence its Anti-discrimination policy generally applies to equanimity, dignity and opportunity of all races, genders, age and sexual orientation. 

It reserves and will defend its rights as a Canadian entity to expose facts about the China Communist Party, its activities or lack thereof which cause harm, endanger or are otherwise subvert the Canadian government or any allied democratic governance, values, laws. 

Taicanada.com supports free expression including Anti Asian discrimination public protests encouraging that such public pressure on our governments distinguish between Asians and those representing the CCP who seek to exploit and radicalize such actions for CCP or private commercial benefits and political influence in favor of communist ideology. 

The term Anti-Asian discrimination includes large populations of East Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Indonesian, Pilipino, Taiwanese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Sri Lankan, Hong Kong Chinese, Burmese, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and Mainland Chinese. Taicanada.com is opposed to any pro-CCP-China protests in Canada that claim by virtue of their coincidental heritage representation of Asians given that CCP China is subjugating complete populations to genocide and other institutional racist politically motivated actions. 

Public protests that fail to distinguish the broader Asian global community from the hostile CCP ideology and actions or related acts that include civil disobedience, harassments, misdemeanors and criminal actions are grounds for immediate termination of any employee. Any such actions by others against Taicanada.com are subject to legal claims and the full extent of Canadian Law.  Taicanada is considering a Canada Anti-Asian public safety kit that discloses any wearers association with the China Communist Party, thereby enabling Asians to distinguish themselves as uniquely different and more effectively protest anti-Asian discrimination in accordance with their equal rights within Canada. 

The Chinese people are as diverse as are their many languages. Business and personal risks under which Taicanada.com advocates changes for improved security and foreign relations with China by Canadian government leadership are considered essential to protect Canadian citizens. Taicanada.com adheres to strict corporate non association policies with the China Communist Party or any members as a matter of ethical principle and to avoid conflicts of interest. Taicanada.com makes all efforts to identify any such political association risks upfront regardless of race, gender, age, religion and sexual orientation. These security clearances are non discriminatory, they are for safety reasons.  Taicanada.com has years of favorable experience working with many overseas Chinese people including those from the mainland. That includes those who have been victimized or be subject to coercion through family members by the CCP still in China. Unfortunately, without an extradition agreement between Canada and CCP China, prosecutions or bringing criminals to justice can pose unique challenges requiring a pro-active position be taken in the absence of deporting criminals from China. 

Taicanada.com does not interact with or allow employee use of any CCP China based messaging private networks such as Wechat and TikTok. Employees found using such platforms connected to the company , its owner or other information shall be immediately terminated and subject to additional legal claims.  The potential for an unregulated organization such as the CCP to harass, sponsor or otherwise initiate overt or hidden malicious actions is considered a real threat to many Canadians including this company.  It also requests all those it may engage with in business to fully disclose its business associations with CCP China and its social media firms as a precondition to business.  

Taicanada advocates for Canadians not to accept consideration (Money or any form of payment) from the CCP or any of its associated, sponsoring or affiliated parties in Canada and to carefully consider the activities and associations of any CCP China controlled owned companies operating in Canada. Does the company have transparent inclusive racial business practices ? Does it offer racial diverse employment opportunity ? What is its' owner' Canadian resident and citizenship status ? , is the corporation in good status with revenue Canada ? What is the China owned companies record in Canada for assisting Canadians displaced by CCP China's increasing political influence in Canada (such as on the homeless, unemployed, Fentanyl victims, mentally challenged etc) 

Taicanada Services Corporation also advocates freely and publicly that Canadians should make every effort not to purchase CCP China made products but to seek alternatives from trusted Asian , European of other democratic nations in support of out governance, values and ethics if such products are unavailable from Canada itself. Taicanada.com acknowledges the challenges given the China supply chain dependency which have evolved from Canadian free trade agreements and the preferential trade status given to China over the last ten years or more. For lack of an alternative Taicanada.com acknowledges regretfully that it is forced to satisfy its procurement requirements occasionally with China made products at this time while advocating for change by Canadian brand manufacturers , most of whom are outsourcing to China.