In Publishing, Mar 2021 "Nomad Pho Beef Noodles"

Whoever thought that westerners can't make great Pho beef noodle soup haven't tried this Neihu foreigners' street market specialty. Laced with intrigue while revealing a treasured recipe on Pho beef noodles this short story thriller set in an upscale Taipei suburb and will keep readers glued till the end. 

Below are excerpts for this short story which will be the lead into a compilation of Taiwan short stories that raise the curiosity of readers on the relationship between Communism and Chinese culture given the perfect storm the world now finds itself in. 

Nomad Pho Beef Noodles" is a work of fiction , Names characters , businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or locales is merely coincidental. 


It wasn’t just because of the oppressive Taiwan island humidity or the smokey aromatic market air that had the lone Canadian ruminating on his idea of opening a Pho beef noodle shop. He peered over the many heads amidst throngs in the Nangang market conveniently situated near home in an upscale suburb of modern-day Taipei.  

His Taiwanese wifes' advice had arrived, he might have guessed.  The man eyed his wife, her mask finally off and giving that inviting smile he so rarely got a glimpse of.  What would life be like, he wondered if she read his mind as well on other more natural desires like intimacy besides those around money and activities that would separate them,  he wondered.

A “Closed” sign hung on the door beside the listed hours of operation as he watched the thinning crowds, some pointing at his unique noodle shop sign “Nomad Pho Beef Noodles”. A group of young boys giggled like girls when they spotted him inside the window. School age boys tended to giggle in groups more than girls in Taiwan, which was at times a bit unsettling to newcomers