A Short story by Norman Meyer, Jan 2021. 

Title will be changed to "A Consequential path to Taiwan"

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The below is an excerpt from the Short Story 

A Consequential Path to Taiwan is a short story about a Canadian who departs from Canada in the new millennium, leaving behind his broken family to start a new life in Asia which thereafter leads him to Taiwan.

There can be a tendency to label single or divorced men who journey to Asia to teach ESL. As he held an Engineering degree and about 20 years work experience at that time that question is legitimate , especially as it followed his divorce, although that was already seven years prior .  Although not the focus of this story, the reasons for relocating to Asia can be many and much more complicated than any labels one might judge anyone for.   He arrived in Taiwan Jan 2005 after an enlightening time working in Thailand where foreigners are treated as gods, something hard to let go of.  Surely though given his expectations in life staying would ultimately have led to a lifetime of regrets and so he shifted to Taiwan. The independent modern democracy offered more realistic views and a western competitive spirit which improved his chances for eventually returning to Canada mentally prepared for rebuilding his career. Regretfully, despite the wonderful people of Thailand the record of men that successfully reintegrate into western society as just another schmuck is not good.  Thais also always get the short end of the stick when it comes to stable politics and that does invariably touch some critical part of their lives, as it did his.  This story is though about the events in Canada that changed his direction in life during the year of 2000.