CCP Global Influence Roadmap,  Published Jul 7th 2020, Copyright

Dedicated to Robert Kennedy who died trying to contain and eradicate organized crime like the CCP in America. 

Next Editorial; Which Major Canadian Brands are manufacturing in CCP China at the expense of Canadian employment and national sustainability.


A few simple questions and references before reading this article.

1. Without small businesses in tourism to employ Canadians where if not from currently outsourced manufacturing to China will the jobs come from and were service sector jobs ever really a sustaining employment model over production ?
2. Covid19 is a moderate pandemic in terms of fatality rates upon infection and Canada found itself dependent on a hostile extortionist state for critical medical supplies. What is Canada's outlook  in the event of a more deadly virus, a war or global natural disaster ?
3. If Democracy hasn’t changed its basic principles for 250 years while giving us all such blessings in prosperity, opportunity, equality and freedom what does the CCP offer the world besides what it recycles from democracies then spits out in versions that never include the defining principle of democracies, the right to choose and change your leader in fair elections ?

4. Will the CCP corrupt system of non-disclosure, censorship and surveillance continue to be dismissed as hopeless that anything can be done about it. Can democratic society survive the increasing influence and control of CCP China through overseas proxies and their supply chain ?  

A few of manyReferences 

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                                                         Our 21st Century War with the CCP  is now 75 Years old.

Democracy has flourished for 250 years without much change in principles. The CCP is less a communist state today with much of its fake privatization but each governance change it makes solidifies central control and the party's benefits. Changes in governance are made to appease pressures both internally and with international partners but only and always to strengthen the powers and benefits of the CCP party in perpetuity such as Xi’s lifetime emperor role.

Pre 90,s even leaving China was prohibited for citizens so the CCP could maintain control of information and any external influences. China opening up was not so much from western influence or understanding the human rights inherent in democracy. It is a direct consequence of the information age, when after the world wide browsers started in 1994 the CCP realized that power could no longer be maintained by locking up its citizens in the country. Upon this realization the CCP morphed its communist ideology control principle strategy into  promoting the Chinese race as superior around the world by sponsoring emigration and seeking control of those outside its borders through various insidious means.  

Everything the CCP does is organized and promoted globally on the basis of Chinese race being the defining credential to benefit financially from party power, international commercial agreements and ambitions.   Its governance model can’t be sold to anyone except dictators as unlike democracy CCP governance structure and laws keep changing  with the party narrative.

Sadly as power increases with the CCP inevitably as is human nature there will be growing numbers of overseas Chinese who may wish to join the winning team. For some, regardless of race,  its never a question of ethics, principles or human rights its only about personal benefits. Politics and human rights for them is just an annoyance. Unless the Chinese people overthrow the racist corrupt CCP I believe we are facing an unpleasant racially divided world defined along lines of Chinese and Non-Chinese. Race is and will be the  constant CCP underlying measure for entitlement as has happened in many Asian countries in which Chinese have worked their way into political control. In the absence of a democratic constitution that guarantees human rights, equality before the law and political representation for non-Chinese, China will remain a racist exclusionary threat to all other countries. Racism against non-Chinese is cloaked in extreme Nationalism and escapes attention because there are no non-Chinese expectations in China while visitors or temporary residents mistake hopefully that hospitality and relative safety translate into equality. This is the naïve belief of many an expat in China, fashionably in denial of their second class resident rights.  

The fact that the CCP Party influences and even controls its overseas expats through both financial incentives and if not then by relatives is widely reported by reputable organizations across the globe.    Just as the Mafia went through a stage of legitimizing its operations the CCP is white washing its organization . There are even calls from Chinese scholars to label the CCP as a criminal organization. Long gone are the days of restricting who can emigrate from China as the method for CCP absolute control, replaced now by sophisticated emigration enabled strategic global practices that can exercise control through family, business interests and financial ties left in China.  Under this system any Chinese with relatives in CCP controlled China is a potential overseas soldier to promote the interests of its ideology. 

With big data and 24/7 surveillance of its population no Chinese in and even outside of China can hide their overseas and mainland connections. Each is susceptible to pressures from the CCP to have their overseas relatives conform and advance CCP commercial, information and political goals.  Opportunities for overseas  leverages are arguably behind China’s aggressive annexation plans and new laws for Hong Kong and Taiwan. Both these sovereign nations offer China the addition of millions of overseas "soldiers" through control of relatives, land holdings and financial interests left behind. Once territories are under CCP control millions of families and individuals who were once valuable advocates for democracy in overseas countries are at risk to become pawns of the CCP government, similar to how the Mafia operates. 

Sadly there is no easy way, short of monitoring every Chinese in Canada compromised with relatives and financial holdings in CCP controlled territories.  The requirement for disclosures on CCP associations and conflict of interest within commercial contract terms and conditions can help but when family connections are involved the complexity is currently overwhelming. This is a war that has never been fought before with sophisticated high technology, CCP manufacturing dependency, language secrecy through tightly controlled state social media like WeChat and constant global misinformation campaigns.  Sadly it is and will reach into every potential situationally compromised overseas Chinese including CEO’s of influential companies, scientists, local and federal politicians. In America we are already seeing the expulsion of scientists and academics stealing intellectual property. 

Constrained by our privacy laws, anti-racism and democratic freedoms, any real monitoring of the CCP sponsored payoffs and extortions of overseas Chinese through complex business and family structures is an extremely difficult challenge, if not impossible.  Democratic societies have counted on immigrants eventually integrating racially, learning ethics and living by the intent of our laws not manipulating them. We counted on them to value their welcoming diverse new home over the tribalism loyalty of cultural heritage and China. No one really factored in the high technology leverage devices by the CCP organization that offer control of Chinese emigrants through relatives and financial ties .  Experience has shown that educating Chinese CCP party members in law and democracy through esteemed US and European Universities like Harvard has failed miserably. Maintaining loyalty to democracy within the Chinese immigration community seems to be facing increasing challenges. Add to this the safety dangers of protest movements in America like defund the police and an entire culture may become alienated from any long term belief in the democratic systems we cherish and our ancestors gave their lives for. 

The profiteering and bias from this CCP controlled economic model is also not limited to Chinese in Canada although invariably there is typically one key CCP stakeholder, often undisclosed. Vancouver and particularly Richmond is one of Canada’s hot spots for overseeing CCP China business to increase Canadian dependence on the mainland supply chain. BC in particular has embraced the concept of China friendly Canada relations with its promotion of the Vancouver Port terminal growth touting it as  “environmentally safe” container handling from China versus exports of Canada production in energy such as gas, oil and coal.  This has in turn resulted in ongoing tension between BC and Alberta.

There seems to have been little if no thought or incentives by our national leaders to equalize trade against huge national trade deficits with the CCP. Free trade not fair trade remains the populist Canadian position . Despite losing over half a trillion $ Cdn in the last decades no real steps have been taken by either the federal or provincial governments to subsidize Cdn industry or raise tariffs against China to help Canadian manufacturing for even the simplest manufactured products.  The result has been a shuttering in and halting of any Canadian manufacturing growth. Canada is now essentially 90% reliant on China for most items we buy at Cdn retailers from Canadian Tire to Ikea. Everything from simple drill bits, LED lights, hockey sticks and all sports equipment, kitchen aids, tools and even furniture comes with a “Made in China” label. Killing Canadian manufacturing self reliance has had a domino effect on other sectors like medical equipment given there is synergy within the manufacturing sector around tooling and engineering expertise. Covid19, essentially death blow to Canadian small businesses across Canada in the service sector like restaurants now also means that almost all consumables or discretionary purchases by Canadians many online are now indirectly funding the  CCP party .     

The challenge for countries like Canada and other democracies will be how to equalize quality of life , employment opportunity, housing and protect political representation for non-Chinese as power shifts to the global production hub of China and its overseas proxies.  

Financial resources will continue to increase for CCP supporters in Canada while homelessness, employment and with it crime will negatively affect non-Chinese communities disproportionally in democracies like Canada. While this may appear to be a racist observation in doesn't contradict anecdotal evidence and  sadly the reality of inequality caused by protectionism, exclusionary Chinese business practices and the deep pockets of the CCP supply chain can be observed throughout the Vancouver area. Vancouver even narrowly missed the election of a Chinese mayor with a Real Estate background which would have further driven CCP racist opportunism and inequality between Chinese and non-Chinese. Due to geography and climate the potential for government policies that favor the status quo on trade deficits and friendly relations with China is no greater in Canada than in Vancouver, BC. 

                                              Halting the China Supply Chain 

There are few realistic equalizer for democracies against a CCP influenced racially biased global economic model. The only solution is for democracies to end their supply chains with China, one that Canada has become highly dependent on. Bringing an end to Canadas' China friendly policy is central to rebuilding employment and economic opportunity for non Chinese in Canada other than in small businesses. Another important step is in the strengthening of Canada’s official language laws by prohibiting Chinese only business signs and Chinese social media like WeChat that act as secretive forums for exclusionary business transactions. Countering the CCP leverages by increasing Canadian disclosure requirements and monitoring of Chinese with relatives, businesses, land or financial interests in China is much more complicated.  Not even modest progress has been made for example China United Front activities in Canada, money laundering in BC Casinos and the deadly China Fentanyl trade. Even on the extreme side clearly  Canada currently remains permissive to CCP operations here.  

Dependence on China for medical supplies in a crisis, being blackmailed by hostage taking is what happens when there is no leadership to restrain China such as in Canada. When tough diplomacy and hard decisions are avoided in favor of idealism there is denial of basic truths and excessive power falls to special interests here in Canada. For now, until there is political change,  life seems based on the lowest common denominator for survival by Canadians not human empowerment, dignity and support in ones productivity capacity that comes with great employment. Our leadership has no current national plan for a new normal post Covid19 that makes Canada self sufficient.   Canada will continue to be drained of its wealth, its manufacturing production, human dignity and ability to maintain independence from CCP influence until hard and urgent decisions are made. 

Canada and other democracies cannot let the supply parts manufacturing that keep our complex rotating machinery spinning and our networks flowing be dependent at all on an outside hostile or even an unpredictable regime like the CCP. As witnessed through the pandemic the very lives of our citizens are placed at risk and extortion by dependency on medical equipment from China. There is a synergy for manufacturing tooling and engineering capabilities so that is only the tip of the iceberg. The dependency that evolves from Outsourcing production  of critical machinery parts to CCP China is growing as we empower the tooling of their sophisticated behemoth factories with orders and engineering information. Who controls the machinery controls the world of the future.

Another solution which will explore in the subsequent months may be expose Canadian corporations such as sports manufacturers for their pro-Beijing manufacturing outsourcing. Shaming Canadian corporations or brands that offer more benefits to CCP China in terms of employment and manufacturing growth will be explored. 

Eastern Canada and in general Canadian youth, especially those with limited experience living in Asia will be the most difficult to convince on the need for a fundamental change in Canada China relations. Canadian political leaders have sold Canadian youth on a model of globalization  that attracts idealistic notions that can often lead to interpreting China relations along family interracial tolerance and not national security and well being. The need for country self reliant production and quality employment similar to what the  older boomer generation enjoyed seems to have been lost lost in the populist noise of anti-racism and convenience of China goods.  Analysis on the real beneficiary of the free trade relations seems obvious from the trade deficit and should be disclosed more objectively by the government.  

Eastern Canada has yet to see the wide disparity between the wealthy Chinese mainlanders, many of whom are CCP sympathizers and the non-Chinese population. Areas like Richmond are duplicated in  Markham Ontario but the political influence in favor of friendly status quo relations between Canada and the CCP is nowhere stronger in Canada then in areas like Richmond , Coquitlam and Vancouver. Even the 25% tax for property has not dissuaded further housing speculation and land ownership take over by mainland Chinese of Canadian property by CCP interests.

Denying truths about the cause of major conflicts like the Korean and Vietnam War as well as the origins of Covid19 are now being rewritten for a generation of idealistic globalists whose analysis of all challenges dumbs down to racism claims, environmental interference of Canadian energy commerce and a CCP convenient interpretation of social media hate speech. Critical thinking that once made the western world the wealthiest and most successful is seriously at risk. 

While Covid19 may have slowed the many Chinese owned and operated AirBnBs that sustains some of the mainland Chinese property investments it seems a whole next wave from territories the CCP plans to annex and control like HK and Taiwan is on the horizon. Again, while I sympathize with their lost freedoms immigrants from these countries who leave and depend on relatives or financial holdings in those countries will come under generational influence including extortion from the CCP. This is why the interest of the west in Taiwan and HK autonomy and laws is so critical and needs to be won in Asia and on all commercial trade fronts. Canada stands to lose a vast percentage of its population support for democracy to CCP influence within the next ten years and we have no plan or policy on how to address this. 

Dependence on China for medical supplies in a crisis, being blackmailed by hostage taking is what happens when there is no leadership to restrain China such as in Canada. When tough diplomacy and hard decisions are avoided in favor of idealism there is denial of basic truths and excessive power falls to special interests here in Canada. For now, until there is political change,  life seems based on the lowest common denominator for survival by Canadians not human empowerment, dignity and support in ones productivity capacity that comes with great employment. Our leadership has no current national plan for a new normal post Covid19 that makes Canada self sufficient.   Canada will continue to be drained of its wealth, its manufacturing production, human dignity and ability to maintain independence from CCP influence until hard and urgent decisions are made. 

Personal Notes

The opinions expressed are of the writer and are based on anecdotal evidence in observations through life experience in Asia, throughout Canada, America and from statistical information on China supply chain dominance in Canada.  A few references have been included.

As a Canadian with Chinese family I struggle to find an appropriate productive outlet to strengthen Canadian self Sufficiency without focusing on our risks of following current China friendly policies.  I have no real expectations of change by expressing this advocacy for Canadian self sufficiency against commercial agreements with CCP China. Just as all Taiwanese youth have to serve a couple of years in the military to guard against the constant threat of invasion from China, my advocacy efforts are a modest personal contribution. Actually I think North Americans are more at risk to lose their way of life as China expands outwards then Chinese based countries. Finding effective actions to counter the rising CCP extreme Nationalist unification of all Chinese against non-Chinese globally will remain a challenge until the people in China choose freedom over tribalism.  Understanding the history of China Western relations is subject to many challenges including an idealistic youth sold on globalism as a cure to racism and  general lack of education on the history of communism over the last 75 years. I believe Canada's friendly policies to China and tolerance of communism has contributed significantly to decreased western security and appeasement of the CCP Art of War based strategies for global economic dominance and global reach into all our homes and lives . 

I have been personally blessed to experience Asian culture over a period of 15 years, a good three times longer than University. I would recommend living and learning the unique qualities of Asian culture to anyone. I would though never exchange cultural hospitality and better personal safety in an Asian country like Taiwan with its singular race environment for real equal opportunity, right of political representation and equality under laws that only a mature diverse racial society like western culture provides. In Canada we are  not French, Dutch, German, Chinese, Japanese or African, we are Canadian. I could never be a tribal human being. Despite the extraordinary precautions we must take in North America for personal safety, despite an often disrespectful generation gap and some hateful ignorant special interest organizations I choose a diverse democracy like Canada. Absolute powers corrupts absolutely and until there is a change towards verifiable elections in China, the CCP will continue to highjack Chinese culture internationally with its criminal communist ideology. They will continue to promote Nationalist racism  and act upon the basis that Chinese lives are more important than all others as they did during the origins of Covid19.

The voices of those who actually have personal life experience, daily investment or family relations with other races are often not heard in these racially charged times. They are drowned out by attention seeking or marginalized anarchists who attach themselves to any fashionable cause, most recently black lives matter. Many still live their lives tribally though without ever actually integrating themselves in other races or cultures. Many are simply fighting for the sake of fighting with hopes of any opportunity from chaos, that being a fertile ground for the CCP to inject its ideology and prey on the fearful. 

It truly does Canada a disservice that many corporate and political leaders seem unable or unwilling to make even small sacrifices in steps towards Canadian National self sufficiency. With a CCP dominated supply chain I feel Canada is on a path that will forfeit to CCP China our racial equality, equal employment opportunity and responsible fiscal policy to the interests of the CCP China.  The CCP influence in Canada can only increase on our current path. With almost 2 billion strong CCP China has the resources and proxies to  overwhelm and control this small nation unless real measures are taken to prevent it.