Racism Editoria, Rev 4, Published May 13th,  2020, Revised May 18th,  Copyright Taicanada.com

Updated post US "I can't breathe" protests , Jun 2020. 

Dedicated to Martin Luther King. 

Is it racism as the Canadian media and the PM repeatedly tag any mention by Canadians of China , Taiwan or the CCP ? Is there any real Press analysis done at a time when every tribe shouts "Me Too" and "I can't breathe" Its not rocket science to observe who has perfected that act. 

Taicanada.com editorials strive to bring understanding on the global risks and the urgent need for Canada and other countries to abolish their "One China" policies that appease the CCP "One China" principle. This CCP principle is being forced, upon threat of military action, against sovereign neighboring countries like Taiwan. It underlies the unethical and hostile methods of the CCP elsewhere.  The "One China Principle" also serves the CCP as an offer of an insurance protection policy for overseas Chinese in whichever country they may reside and be governed. It offers assurances that the CCP will assist, sponsor and reward overseas Chinese to promote this extreme view of China Nationalism,  to arrange race based exclusive economic ties and to gain political influence, all in priority over ethical, transparent  and racially integrated community and business conduct.

If one takes away all the Canadian Press coverage of anti-racism what are Canadians really left with to defend or excuse our countries relations with the CCP or any absolute power centrally controlled regime. The right to choose ones government and leaders is fundamental to individual freedom and democratic values and its absence is only maintained and spread by force. There is no defense of the absolute communist based power and tolerating those who promote it or profit from it seek only to enrich themselves or copy this antiquated racist governance model abroad . It also disrespects the many Canadians who gave their lives protecting freedom in Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam who  deserve the same recognition as those we memorialize from Europe.

I suppose we will now regularly hear “I can’t breathe” from the planets most racist and racially exclusive country backed by its' criminal CCP ideology.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black ! From denying blacks even a hotel, home or any refuge during their Covid19 outbreak , China glorifies skin whiteness and Chinese appearance with skin whitening products being the most popular cosmetic. https://www.google.ca/…/skin-whitening-prejudice-against-da…

Perhaps the world can hope that in this, China’s millennium they will increase investments and charity in Africa to “ethically” take over the torch from the western world. Africa although impoverished despite generations of investment has the worlds fastest growing population. Certainly any “no strings attached” generous help including immigration from Africa to China is welcome. Please - show us the way Xi !

Racism may start with color and appearances but it is sustained by economic control, lets see how that works for China in Africa. The CPP Nationalist institutionalized racism against non-Chinese is deeply embedded and endemic with in Canada see 

Many Chinese Nationalists in Canada seem inclined to discourage their families from integrating with non-Chinese perhaps to maintain secrecy, but always suggesting that Canadians cannot be trusted. Chinese that are either sympathetic to the CCP or lured by their money are restrained beyond superficial politeness to integrate fully with other races. The Nationalists speak of the CCP party and its “One China” principle  as the moral equivalent to a Chinese culture further dissuading Chinese community integration abroad. These attitudes can embed racism within Chinese families and perpetuate it through generations of the traditional  first son inheritance. It is ironic that westerners have the term xenophobic when the opposite is more often the case. Interracial mixing and close associations have been resisted persistently through generations in much of Chinese society.

A Canadian media that coddles Chinese immigrants with racism sensitivities and special rights only serves to advance the CCP agenda and economical convenience of discrimination claims by some in the Chinese community.  The Canadian media in its exaggerated reports on racism here also fosters a lack of Chinese business transparency, Chinese language only businesses practices and cultural tribalism. Add to that the lack of any ethics education in CCP China and we have the profound root cause of the 3 week cover up and containment failure of the Covid19 pandemic. The challenge on ethics education for CCP China and its immigrants is covered in detail in the next article. “Ethics, Globalization's Next Challenge”. When one chooses culture, commerce or even family over the ethical obligation to disclose vital information that the public and country has a right to know, be it health, military threats or  even community well being these omissions of disclosure amount to complicity in the subsequent crimes.  Secrecy encouraged and tolerated within a community like this is analogous to the effect we see from Covid19  that is killing Canadians and people everywhere. 

The Canadian media seems to neither understand, care or believe the brutal historic perspectives which still apply today about the CCP.  Are they even aware that Xi is proud of comparisons made between Mao and him and are they at all educated on the history of Mao ? Do they interview any Canadians who have fought in the Korean Wars and Vietnam wars for example , as they do those from the European conflicts. 

See https://globalnews.ca/news/6860593/ambassador-us-who-trump-canada/

I suppose to be generous, newscasters are simply repeating a script written for them.  Sadly their youthful inexperience does seem to reflect a lack of education and an absence of historical perspective on the CCP. For older Canadians the days when the CCP was supporting the Khmer Rouge slaughtering Cambodians, supplying the North Vietnamese and killing allied troops en masses with North Koreans aren’t all that long ago. These atrocities seem like yesterday for the older generation. So when the CCP lies and covers up human transmission of a deadly virus, we have seen this secrecy, consequential deaths and lack of ethics repeated all too often. This is what the Canadian media is missing when it sits on its high horse and declares racism against Asians as rampant in Canada.  Their idealist naive rose tinted glasses  totally miss the historic significance of what is happening. Obsessed with hitching their wagon to populist reports that throw dirt at the US President, they routinely denigrate America, an already suffering friend, who is losing lives by the thousands. Treating our neighbor many times worse than our common enemy, the CCP who threatens the very foundation of our democracies.  This righteous feigning of decency and lack of understanding regarding the CCP's callous deadly secrecy constantly underpins the regular insulting of our best neighbors' President even under such dire conditions. I don’t ever recall this almost sadistic, opportunistic, distorted journalism from my youth ? See the article from Conrad Black, an iconic Canadian media figure, capable of objectively seeing beyond his previous unfair American incarceration to properly lambaste the Canadian media. 

See Conrad Black National Post article; https://nationalpost.com/opinion/conrad-black-on-covid-19-the-slanderous-contempt-for-donald-trump-is-unwarranted 

You’d think after the great wars that Canadians would recognize the signs and dangers of appeasing Xi's  aggressive military and commerce ideology. This is a now a generation that may not associate their parents sacrifices in Europe with those in the Asia region. Perhaps in the name of globalization they may not really care. The scenes below of Xi's military rallies look ominously like the Nazis before Germany launched war on its neighbors. Based on my 15 years in Taiwan , I believe that China is likely to provoke an incident to move militarily against Taiwan within the near future  while the world is at its weakest. See below video on China Military.

Canadas’  Media , inflaming the risks of SE Pacific war, 

The naive, idealistic Canadian media reporting gets more dangerous daily as one considers the geopolitical implications that no amount of post war reflection will heal.

See Trump says coronavirus worse 'attack' than Pearl Harbor https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52568405

The CCP’s negligent and deadly failure to react and contain a deadly virus for three weeks has now killed almost half a million people. The CCP by our legal definitions of negligence causing wrongful death has undeniable culpability. It should be the last straw in a chain of events over the last several years including , arbitrary imprisonment, extortion of Canada over Canola Oil, death sentences and global military posturing. We will never know if the withholding of critical information was intended to destabilize allied powers who would otherwise insist on access to International waters of the SE Pacific and if required defend Taiwan. Likely not, but certainly China has now gained opportunity . China has been on a steady path towards military confrontation with Taiwan since its proxy KMT party lost power by a landslide in Taiwan, and their excursions into Taiwan waters and air space increase daily. 

The Canadian media seems uninterested in the geopolitics of Taiwan.  It often marginalizes the island’s vital  role in many aspects of Canadian life from trade, medical assistance and shared democracy. Taiwan has courageously had their thumb in the dyke of democracy in Asia holding back China's CCP ideology for 75 years.   An attack on Taiwan by Xi at this time will likely be paired with military occupation of Hong Kong. With Chinese efficiency in mind he may very well have delayed moving troops into HK pending his Taiwan plans.  Clearly should China annex Taiwan and the International community doesn't respond militarily democracy in both HK and Taiwan be extinguished and global powers relegated to impotent responses.  Under this scenario China's suppression of Hong Kong will draw no additional protest, being a fait complete. A very tidy solution for Xi and China to also resolve many internal issues at the expense of citizens in these sovereign nations. 

I believe the only way to avoid war in the SE Pacific is for America and its Allies to show the same military resolve including nuclear positioning at this time that was necessary with the Kremlin during the Cuban missile crisis.  The same way that Kennedy stared down the Russians in Berlin. China must understand that an attack on Taiwan will be an attack on more than just Taiwan and America, but all its allies as well. The thousands of soldiers that died in the Korean and Vietnam War from Chinese aggression should not have died in vain. If Democracies around the world allow this to happen, Japan and South Korea will be the next vulnerable targets with the help of North Korean provocation. There is a reason why China has built these armies.  No one is planning to attack China. Soldiers fight wars, that is the job they are prepared for, not to sit idly by as China’s economy suffers. Ignoring the scale and preparedness of China’s massive army is like ignoring Hitlers buildup, which also became almost unrestrained, as Xi threatens is now the case.                            

See recent reports on China Navy biting at the halter. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/politics/article/3083696/china-tries-calm-nationalist-fever-calls-invasion-taiwan-grow?fbclid=IwAR2PmZnpn2p7JQQZrgdlBUKdya7VXe3dG8ksVLU2d_ZU28KSKHbsUNbUPE0

Personal experiences and perspective

Personally I am very comfortable living with Chinese Taiwanese, having  lived as part of their families for over 15 years.  Most Taiwanese have descended from Chinese although the island has not been a province of China for more than 75 years and then only briefly.  The claims by China over Taiwan are way less credible than any of those historical claims by Soviet and Serbian who opposed the ultimate liberation of countless Eastern European countries.  

As to racism , choosing to judge a person or persons as racist for zero tolerance of CCP Communist ideology and their global socio-political subversion is simply righteous ignorance . Sadly even in Taiwan there are those who marginalize non-Chinese voices arguing for protection of democracy. They fail to realize that the "One China" dangers applies equally if not more to non-Chinese. Canadians for example may now have greater risks then Taiwan protecting their rights to protest against CCP injustice due to pro-China liberal government policies and weakened law enforcement. Mainland China Nationalist hate speech and intimidation occur more in areas like Vancouver then in Taiwan. For now, Taiwan society remains generally very safe as the world observed during the pandemic compared to the amount of guns and potential for violence in Canada, by CCP proxy organized crime.  

Personally I have limited to no interest nor time for those who claim racism is somehow holding them back or disadvantaging them. As German immigrants to Quebec after WWII we faced regular real racism including violence as do many ethnic groups regularly around the world. That does not make it right but complaining about it was the last thing on our minds.  Bearing down, educating ourselves, and especially integrating within the community to earn acceptance with our neighbors regardless of race was the approach of our generation, not burying ourselves and our secrets with our own kind, which to often tends to be the Chinese community solution. 

These challenges we all face should encourage all Canadians to reach out, befriend and support your Chinese neighbors and friends during this difficult time. While many Chinese including family, friends and ex colleagues, some from the mainland it is the Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Tibetan Chinese and all other Asians who are especially vulnerable to hate speech fueled by extreme Nationalist Chinese in Canada.  This is especially true in Greater Vancouver and Toronto where Mainland Chinese have established highly profitable businesses dependent on close relations and cooperation with the CCP's supply chain.  Their vested interests in China are often subtle, hidden and difficult to detect so will be the most difficult to break from their exclusivity. 

Showing our love and support for Chinese in Canada will grow more important as Canada moves towards a return to the "New Normal" promised. Hopefully our political leaders will stop confusing politeness and diplomacy which needs a firmer hand.  The New Normal economy is highly dependent on choosing our partner countries in Asia more carefully.  The Canadian medias characterization of anti-CCP ideology as racism is the no fact finding easy reporting and gives no voice to the  fear and outrage many Canadians now feel about China. Canadians cannot help but have a degree of angry self reproach for how Canada has allowed itself into such a desperate dependency of a hostile regime.  The media is in itself fueling racism in Canada by emboldening the CCP to advance its influence here and military aggression elsewhere to add insult to injury.