Editorial: First published on June 2nd, 2020 

Reference: Zooming In, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUgmWVoLg0c

The partnership between the EU-VRi and China is envisaged to take place along the following main lines:

  • Projects, funded by the different sources such as:
    • European Commission,
    • international organizations, or
    • national countries (China and states which have an interest in such a cooperation)

The BRI investment and cooperation in the EU is one way to measure the varying degrees by country of cooperation and hence support of the CCP organization within the European Union, 

Despite unresolved differences in ideology  and the typical extortion that always comes with non-reciprocal type agreements with China there is cooperation through the BRI  that continues on a high level with such countries as Switzerland and Serbia even after the global pandemic originating in Wuhan was covered up.

The following map referenced from the “Zooming In” “Blood and Gold Communist’s True Colors” rates the EC countries according to commercial ties with the CCP. The previous Communist states in the EC are of great interest as many of these had to win their freedoms through resilient protest and overthrow of the same form of communist government Xi now personally controls. What is often less understood is the example of previous communist Serbia where citizens memorialize Tito, the communist strongman as someone who kept order and protected their privilege in the former Yugoslavia.  Similar to Russia they now prefer so called “reformed” communist/socialist strongmen to placate their losses of satellite countries like Croatia, Boznia etc.  Those countries had to fight to regain their land rights from the Serbs, for which Canadian troops assisted the many displaced and persecuted in peace keeping missions. So for a country like Serbia, strong pro China leaders can be popular like Putin and Xi. Strong dictatorial central control assures their own political agendas and tenures as opposed to the welfare of the state. There doesn't appear to be a very cohesive strategy within the EU on how to safe guard citizens from CCP tactics such as proxy political influence, misinformation, predatory economic practices, critical material dependencies and now pandemic related risks. 

From the map and reports Scandinavian Countries like Norway, Denmark  and Sweden have no interest or little to do with China. They reject outright their methods of sucking in other nation dependencies by first subsidizing key products then over time controlling the supply chain and eliminating their manufacturing, as they have so effectively done in Canada. Those countries in green are safeguarding their countries against the CCP while those in red are closest in alignment with the CCP in terms or commercial cooperation.  

An appreciation of the EU positions are presented in the "Zooming In" U-Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUgmWVoLg0c

China's BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is the most aggressive push by China to leverage its large population base towards strengthening its position as the factory for the world.  This then displaces manufacturing  whereupon these nations become highly dependent on Chinese goods losing self sufficiency and a reliable production oriented employment base. In addition, the sheer size of China's infrastructure loans to these countries far outpaces the ability for many of these countries to repay such loans, making them beholden the China in perpetuity. As if that was not bad enough, as part of the BRI these countries are now also handing over actual land ownership to the CCP in exchange for these investments. Te mother lode for China.  

In the "Zooming In" map below, the darker the red color of the European country, the more investment funds they have accepted from China. We can also observe the countries who through VRI cooperation and investment are becoming increasingly indebted and influenced by the CCP.  Italy , Serbia and Switzerland are countries that have increasing appetite for China CCP money.