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"Confidentiality Assured""“承诺保密” also offers free initial online consultation, contact-less service and assured confidentiality for unique Joint Ventures with Taiwan based companies independent of CCP China influence. 

Please complete an initial inquiry on the Register form or email your inquiry to to receive your no charge initial telephone or online consultation. This secure corporate email address can also be used to report or inquire on any fraudulent online or phone related scam that may be using the brand name. 

Initial screening by that includes Canadian owner identification, valid incorporation certificate, and provincial registration where applicable is required. has anti-discrimination policies but due to security concerns will not accept funds, contracts or associate with any party connected either directly or indirectly to the China Communist Party. 

Based on its experience in Taiwan, can assist with Introductions and Cooperative Joint Ventures by interested parties in Canada  with specialized companies and organizations in the sovereign nation of Taiwan. Taiwan is uniquely qualified with a highly educated population to help retool Canadian manufacturing should Canadian companies elect to shift their' brand manufacturing from China back to Canada or other trusted international countries. advocates formal recognition of Taiwan as the independent nation it is by the Canadian government including at the U.N. and all international organizations like the W.H.O. No assurances of this can be assumed given the current policies and positions taken by the Canadian government. 

For inquiries please provide contact info including any interest on consulting services in Canada and or liaison availability for Taipei, Taiwan where Norman Meyer, P.Eng. is authorized to work.  (Please see the conflict of interest guidelines). A Canadian FINTRAC verification of Canadian immigration status is also required with the principle owner or shareholder in Canada prior to any agency work.             如有查询,请提供联系信息,包括对加拿大咨询服务的兴趣以及在台湾台北的联络机会。与Taicanada Services Corporation的任何合同工作都需要充分披露与中国大陆,CCP或其他相关利益方的任何商业协会。在进行任何代理工作之前,还需要与主要所有者或股东进行加拿大FINTRAC对加拿大移民身份的验证。



As part of its consultancy work,,  with assistance from its Canadian legal department will also assist with Canadian and International agreement legal clauses including referral to Taiwan based legal resources to assist in protecting Canadian parties and their IP from corporations and individuals associated with the CCP party and any of its many members. Clauses that require full disclosures and verifications are strongly recommended. 

Taiwan General Information

Additional information required such as establishing a Taipei branch office, subsidiary,  or company including local employment requirements may be requested through the Consultancy page. has Taiwan resources available for certified accounting and MOFA submissions. Any consulting services is provided only under a signed Cdn based consulting agreement with eligible clientele.    轉到“聯繫”頁面,以協助創建台灣公司的分支機構,分支機構

Taiwan is a friendly independent democracy with values and laws around IP protection and contracts that are shared with Canada and America, including a Tax Treaty. This is an excellent time for Canadian corporations to forge mutually beneficial arrangements such as Joint Ventures, Subsidiaries etc with Taiwan companies. 


In Taiwan generous subsidies can also be available for foreign startup in areas like Taipei. For more information complete a request for information on the "Q&C page" 


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