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The below Editorials planned for August 2020 are ongoing in research, references and editing so will be released later this year. 

"How CCP China gets away with murder"  and "Has Chinese culture been permanently rewritten by the CCP" 

Instead the August 2020 Editorial will be recap of Facebook Posts, many proposed paid posts to raise Canadian awareness on CCP ongoing risks but rejected as paid content by Facebook. As Taicanada has met all corporate requirements by Facebook to post political material inquiries with Facebook are ongoing as to their censorship of CCP or China related information. 

Posted on Taicanada.com, 08-14-2020 (Re Kamala Harris selection as Democratic Vice President Candidate)

There is reason to hope !

Finally a choice besides Trump, to unite against humanities greatest threat since Nazi Germany, Chinas’ CCP . Looking forward to the day weak kneed leaders like in Canada and others using Trump as an excuse will finally align with tough US trade policies and demands of CCP accountability for Covid, Fentanyl, HK, predatory trade and decades of racist hegemony.

Kamala, with roots in India, the worlds largest nuclear armed democracy, the CCP’s weaponized hypocrisy of claimed American racism against Asians should end. Hopefully India rapidly becomes the preferred destination for relocated supply chain now supporting the CCP. Maybe even buy some ETFs like INDY as a prediction. With democracies turning to India the future regional CCP power grab ambitions based on their trillion dollar BLI (Belt Road Initiative) can have a counter strategy.

I think many Trump supporters just haven’t seen any strong options willing to take democracies war against China seriously. Although Biden does have a soft record with the CCP , Kamala possibly offers this and might actually end up as President one day.,

Her tough battles in CA against drug cartels also offers potential for holding the CCP responsible for Americas’ horrific Fentanyl deaths, more than both the Korean and Vietnam wars combined. There has no been serious collaboration on this, with the CCP turning a blind eye to its production. The CCP take Chinese lives seriously as with the Wuhan shutdown but shuttering Fentanyl production, even making it a Class 1 hazardous substance to protect non Chinese lives around the world never seemed to be in the CCPs interest.

Her Jamaican roots might also strike a “BOLT” for action holding the CCP responsible for their criminal negligence deaths from the CCP virus. Black communities have been disproportionally killed by this China origin virus which went unreported and isolatable in Wuhan for 3 weeks This while Xi’s party censored human transmission warnings, destroyed evidence and stock piled medical supplies to sell .

Kamala as a CA State Attorney understands criminal negligence. While the CCP added another million and counting to their more than 100 millions death count over 75 years, a history lesson is being taught. A generation who naively thought of China passively as part of exotic globalization is waking up to their evil Maoist roots and ideology

Posted on Taicanada.com, 08-15-2020 (Re Unlawful arrest of Hong Kong Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai, by CCP cronies in HK)

Lets at least be honest what this means, not only to HK but how the thousands of Hong Kongers and Chinese contacts globally and their families are affected.

Jimmy Lai is no different than the CEO of CNN or Fox Network. He was arrested under fabricated charges under the CCPs new outrageous security law. The CCP is suggesting it can apply this security law anywhere in the world.

Equipped now with extensive private data on all his friends and family contacts abroad the CCP will now be storing and leveraging this identity data for years if not decades to come for their vile purposes. This is a brief overview on how the CCP is expanding their coercion of overseas Chinese to attack democracies.

Whether these thousands of foreign identities stolen by the CCP/HK thugs calling themselves police, are in Taiwan, Canada , America or Europe the CCP will now be using Jimmy as a hostage and his thousands of contacts as an identity database for corrupt exploitation.

These are Nazi like tactics that can’t be denied by the world. Each one of his thousands of foreign contacts need to be engaged with by foreign officials, offered protection with regular counseling to determine what the CCP will be up to through their overseas Chinese proxies.

Posted on Taicanada.com, 08-10-2020 (Re CCP China provoking war against the independent democracy of Taiwan)

Taiwan is one of Canada’s most trusted democracy partners in Asia.
The amount of families connected between Canada , America and Taiwan is staggering.
Tsai Ing Wen is in her second term elected by a large majority who are dedicated to freedom, human rights and a rule of law system based on American legal frameworks, precedents and laws.

Posted on Taicanada.com, 08-10-2020 (Re Continuation of legal technicalities by a cruel and selfish Meng Wanzhou, who lives better in Vancouver than China. No sleep lost by her over Canadians executed and imprisoned for her actions)

This isn’t Taicanada.com’s next editorial but I would love to hear what friends think of the below draft about Trudeau’s limitations, engineering IT knowledge and the long term damage this lady has done by stubbornly politicizing and avoiding what would be a more than fair opportunity to prove her innocence in an American court room.

Draft future article, to be updated with more about Nortel IP that is now with Huawei and more about engineering value in the Canadian politics of energy , manufacturing self sufficiency and the importance of trusted Asian partners.

I know all too well the stereo typical misconceptions Canadians can have of engineers, but many miss a very important point.

Unlike places like China we are licensed, regulated and trained ethically to protect public lives. In this highly technical world it is difficult for many to understand technical issues that impact their lives.

Trudeau for example does not have the time and background to understand security risks from Huawei, Chinese drones or even decaying Canadian infrastructure. He has never seen how a 1/4 mile CN rail section expands and snakes with wide Cdn temperature variations breaking welds and challenging rail shipment safety of oil. He only knows and relies on the processes which are heavily engineering knowledge and experience dependent.

I could never do a balanced job as a political leader because of my temperament but engineers not lawyers are increasingly needed in our government. Our risks don’t come from legal issues that Canada and the free world can’t get to first base with the CCP on. Lawyers fight with legal technicalities against the very constitutional protections for clear extradition treaties that should automatically have Meng Wanzhou in an American court. This is not a sentence against Meng, its an opportunity for her to prove her innocence within an American justice system that gives probably more rights than here.

She and China are responsible not only for executed and incarcerated Canadians, she has opened the eyes of the world to the corruptive power of Huawei’s relationship with the CCP. Engineers understand that risks in IT hardware and software do not offer 100% protection and trusted partners is the measure here for transparent resolution of predictable data, system reliability and privacy infringements

The CCP is not a trusted partner in Asia, nor will they be until they publicly acknowledge the inherent evil of perpetuating Mao’s evil doctrine and the core inhumanity of forcing other regions who wouldn’t trade democracy for communism in a million years. No Huawei and the CCP along with most state controlled and influenced by CCP party board members can not be trusted partners until they join humanity.

Posted on Taicanada.com, 29-07-2020 (Re China's political warfare against Taiwan. 

Unless one has lived in Asia for long periods it is unlikely they will understand or take serious the threat that CCP China poses to all mankind.

Our honorable PM lacks Asian experience as was all to obvious when he confused the PM of Japan for China. https://www.google.ca/…/video-justin-trudeau-confuses-japan…

His friendly unguarded relations and appeasement of the hostile CCP regime remains the weak link in the G7 international security needs at this crucial time.

One of the last hopes for democracy in Asia is the successful independent island of Taiwan. Canadian, Michael Cole has consistently brought awareness globally including through his books and international presentations .Thanks J Michael Cole