The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Recommended International News with A China Focus, Current events and analysis aiming to fill the considerable knowledge gap and misconceptions.   (All available on U-Tube). 

“Crossroads” has in depth analysis of Trumps technology sanction impacts on China and is realistic in its awareness of America’s slow realization on the seriousness the CCP threats. 

“China in Focus” brings more everyday coverage on human rights abuses and Covid updates in China. 

“Zooming In” as the name suggests keeps us informed on US and China military status and readiness for conflict in the Indo Pacific region, including any news on the Quad alliance of US, India, Australia and Japan. 

“The Epoch Times” This paper which I receive weekly is the fastest growing paper in America. Whereas mainstream papers rely on historic reputations, I find the Epoch Times articles cite more than just American views to include folks like Conrad Black and other renowned  writers.

American Politicians, Influencers and Organizations who understand the ongoing war with the CCP. 

US Organizations 

The Hoover Institute,, 

Roger Robinson , former head of the International Economics Bureau of the NSC, (National Security Council) including serving in the Reagan administration. 

For position on CPPSee , Chinese Communist Party Lifeline, U.S.  Capital

Peter Navarro, Economic Adviser to the Trump Administration and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Former Director of the US National Trade Council 

For Position on CPP; See Advisor Peter Navarro threatens coronavirus retaliation on China: They inflicted tremendous damage;

investigation” into WHO response. 

Canadian Politicians, Influencers and Organizations who understand the ongoing war with the CCP.

Canadian Organizations 

1. CSIS, Canadian Security Agency

The Macdonald Laurier Institute;

Conrad Black, See; 

Guy St. Jacques, Former Canadian ambassador to China , For position on holding China accountable for Covid19 see CBC Interview, “ Former Canadian Ambassador calls for “full investigation” into WHO response.

Michael Cole;  Editor of Taiwan Sentinel , 2020 published book "Insidious Power" 

Recommended Films 

1. Film on Huawei see “Claws of the Red Dragon",  

Recommended List of IT Technical Resources: See Jan 2021 Editorial


For additional information on National security in Canada including security clearances see ATIP site for individuals requesting records relating to the status of their security clearances. Additional information on CSIS and RCMP contact information