Innovative Modular Furniture. 

After almost a year of research and development, tooling and design, is pleased to announce the kick-off for its Innovative Modular Furniture contracting service, based out of Abbotsford B.C., effective May 10th, 2021. 

Serving the Condominium and Town Home sector,'s furniture is customized to fit unique small and narrow wall spaces while integrating with existing fixed storage, electrical baseboard heating, and windows. Unlike most fine furniture, iIMF classic designs are light weight and easily assembled and modified on site at a fraction of the cost for traditional oversized and heavy furniture. This allows buyers the flexibility of dissembling and relocating furniture that appears to be built into the house.  

While based on unique iIMF designs the majority of furniture offered is modularized using standard Lack Furniture wafer boards which is manufactured in Poland. Unique customized narrow wall units up to 15 feet wide and 9 ft high that transition using matching kitchen cabinet doors allow economical expansion with China cabinet appeal, all using light weight materials.  

For information on Permits, Liability insurance an d WCB coverage please contact

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