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Engineering service contracts were completed in BC and Alberta with owner work experience in every province of Canada. See LinkedIn profile http://linkedin.com/in/nmmeyer for Professional Engineering experience spanning more than 30 years, including most recent 10 years in Alberta and BC.  Network Engineering certifications commenced in 2002 enabling leveraging of new IT technologies during contracts. Norms’ Lifetime Canadian P.Eng. designation is based on more than 25 years of Engineering professional membership in Alberta, BC and Ontario, Canada. 

諾曼(Norman)是加拿大的註冊工程師。擁有25年以上的工程經驗。有關更多信息,請訪問http://linkedin.com/in/nmmeyer。規範也有  一份網絡工程證書,可幫助他掌握新興技術。 

As a Taipei part time resident for more than 15 years and member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, since 2010, Norm has unique understanding of Taiwan and Asia. Norm具有對台灣和亞洲的獨到見解。As a result of increasing political and military pressures, the Covid pandemic and the potential for insidious and systemic racist disenfranchising of  all non Chinese in areas controlled or claimed by China, ties with Taiwan have ended since Feb 2020. 

Taicanada.com and Norm's personal Canadian charitable support also includes the United Way. It is a well recognized charity that helps Canadian families challenged by the growing divide between societies "have and have nots". Taicanada.com和Norm在加拿大的個人慈善支持包括“聯合之路”。

The United Way platform allows donations to the charity of ones choice. A disclosed percentage of any contract income as mutually agreed will be designated to a United Way charity of your choice. In response to the Covid19 pandemic, corporate charity is currently being directed to its the Canadian Salvation Army through United Way, and soon to its "Not For Profit" to be registered Society. 

Norm Meyer, Leader donatorstatus 2015  based on contribution level. 

Norman Meyer,  (诺曼·迈耶) , Lifetime P.Eng. Status,  Member: Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Taipei. 

中文在本網站上翻譯的內容是非官方版本,可能會有無意的錯誤。The Chinese translated content on this website site is an unofficial version with possible inadvertent errors.   讀者可以通過兩種語言獲悉,為了完整理解意圖和準確性,需要提及英文版本。 Readers are informed in both languages , that reference to the English language version is required for complete understanding of intent and accuracy