This is a new service as of 2020 that Taicanada Services is developing to compliment its other main online work which result in exposure to insecure China based systems, IP theft, identity fraud and illegal private data collection. 

Personal services include network and device security using recognized top rated security software downloaded and installed on clients notebooks or smart phones by the client , thereby requiring minimal to no sharing of client passwords, network identification details or other data that should be closely guarded by the client. 

The services are charged based on a 15% commission on the initial security softwa re purchased directly by the client from the Taicanada.comrecommended supplier. An additional $15/hr is charged for telephone or online support to assist in setting up and gaining working knowledge of using and managing the security software, including referral to the Security company online support to minimize Taicanada Services support. An initial payment of $15 USD through Interac according to emailed instructions that clients receive from once they register and request this service. 

Minimum security software recommended includes an active VPN, Total antivirus and firewall security and a malware firewall. Guidance on additional website and domain security including SSL and professional level site security is also available. 

Simple Legacy equipment Data recovery services including assistance to provide needed hardware such as from SATI , Floppy or ZIP drives is also available. 

Contact to initiate the service.