Below are Quick links to popular 2020 Editorials on Canada Trade, How Democracy is beingredefined and CCP Institutionalized Racism.

"Not For Profit"  Advocacy Society Mandate: Bringing awareness, relevant facts and information on Canada's need for self sufficiency in production and consumption to government, organizations and consumers. Why and How Canada must choose its trade partners in Asia more carefully shifting away from CCP controlled China trade, products and relations.  關於加拿大自給自足的認識,事實和信息     (Taicanada Services Corp, founding member of Advocacy "Society Registration and Name pending Board Selection. 

The "not for profit" efforts  of is to encourage a Canadian boycott or reduction in China products as part of the reset of the economy post Covid19. While the Canadian government Covid19 financial support is of temporary relief what Canadians have needed for the last 10 years or more has been good jobs, independent of CPP China influence or content . More than $500 Billion was drained from the Canadian economy over the last 15 years through the China trade deficit. Policies aligned with America including trade tariffs, subsidies for Cdn manufacture retooling to bring brand manufacturing homeand improved consumer labeling on China content is desperately needed.  

On the latest advocacy questions for Canadians ,consumer advocacy organizations and Canada's government go to the  "Advocacy Questions"  ,website menu page and summary below. 对于以下3部分中列出的针对加拿大人,消费者权益保护组织和加拿大政府的最新倡导发布的问题,请访问上方的``Q&C''网站页面链接。

  1. Questions on Canadian Consumer Advocacy , 有关加拿大消费者权益的问题
  2. Questions on Canadian relations with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet.                                                         有关加拿大与台湾,香港和西藏关系的问题。
  3. Questions on Repatriation of Canadian Brand manufacturing from China.                                                 有关从中国转移加拿大品牌制造业的问题。
  4. Canadian Legal Questions on Mainland China Immigration and Political Influence.                                   中共中国大陆移民与政治影响的加拿大法律问题 Editorials also strive to bring understanding on the global risks and the urgent need for Canada and other countries to abolish "One China" policies that appease the CCP "One China" principle. This CCP principle is being forced, upon threat of military action, against sovereign neighboring countries like Taiwan. It underlies the unethical and hostile methods of the CCP elsewhere.  The "One China Principle" also serves the CCP as a form of Nationalist insurance protection policy offered to overseas Chinese in whichever country they may reside and be governed. It offers assurances that the CCP will assist, sponsor and reward overseas Chinese to promote this extreme view of China Nationalism,  to arrange race based exclusive economic ties that fuel our trade deficit and to gain overseas political influence. These insidious Nationalist priorities work against  ethical,transparent  and racially integrated community and business conduct.