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Facebook Opinion paid post in Canada only on formalizing the  direct diplomatic relations with Taiwan and America that already have existed for 75 years, Published for's Canadian advocacy department in line with corporate mission statement. Over 500 Canadian LIkes , Over 100 Shares .

Narrative  Hopefully the world will follow and adopt a unified position through the UN to recognize the free people of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet, all independent democratic populations, no less than reconstituted Eastern European nations. The One China policy, a racist expansionist strategy by CCP China is an affront to any free human being, a justification to impose ones governance over other independent countries and pursue single race dominance globally. The CCP is dictating unilateral terms internationally such as their new National Security Act , and through corruption of international organizations such as W.H.O and the U.N. The degree to which China forces appeasement internationally on each country relies on compliant even cooperating overseas Chinese populations and how much dependent trade related leverage is available. As such every nation especially Canada must break its China trade dependencies and modernize its lagging manufacturing base. The world is encountering extreme Nationalist institutionalized racism from CCP China not seen in scope and power since the Nazi Aryan propaganda or Japanese imperialism. Thanks to the outgoing administration for pushing back against continued insidious appeasement of the hostile CCP regime. The new normal after the world heals from the Wuhan virus should be the end of appeasing any further aggressive, racist and regional expansionism in Asia by the hostile CCP regime along with an end to subsidizing CCP China through trade deficits. Hopefully Biden will not return America back to CCP China appeasement weakened diplomacy. At least follow an approach that does not incite and alienate half of Americans that voted Republican to pursue such foreign relations policies that counter communism as consistent with our democratic values and National security.

 Facebook Jan 2021 Paid Post advocating Canada following US policy of decoupling from China . 

This is a Summary from the year as US, Australia, NZ and the UK part of five eyes alliance, are pushing back against the CCP insidious activities,  with Canada MIA.

There are many impacts for individuals in democracies. One that requires our constant attention is our family and individual online security lifeline. After a break for the holidays the first editorial by , its Jan 2021 will be on our increasingly complex IT vulnerabilities in layman’s terms along with some of the simplest tips and habits.

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Being Asian doesn't mean that you have to suffer being mistaken as part of the hostile CCP regime. Stop Asian racism that the CCP is provoking around the world by sharing common Canadian concerns. 

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