The global storefront is now open and accepting orders, initially with printed branded advocacy materials.      Go to Taicanadastore at the button below. has a strict policy against reselling any products that are made in CCP China. All proceeds which are set at 15% royalty andare allocated within 60 days of receipt to online advocacy marketing for Canadian manufacturing resilience, ending China supply chain dependencies and regulating trade deficits brought about by free trade not fair trade.  

Coming Soon to Taicanadastore

1. 2018 Branded apparel line promoting with unique visuals Mandarin characters and English translations with upbeat themes with an engineers graphical relational layout. See example below. 

2. Link to Video film clips available for licensing without watermark through Storybooks. 2021 second quarter. 

3. signature branded marketing posters which can be used for activism and to promote "Canadian Made" manufacturing resilience and decoupling from the China supply chain and outsourcing of Canadian brands to China.  Email to

4. Subsidiary iIMP Plans and select products with instructive video for light weight modular furniture smart technology ready, Planned for release in 2nd half of 2021. Planned to be released on a platform such as Pinterest with an emphasis on Canadian manufacturing. 

  • Electric fireplace/heater , TV stand - $300
  • Patent Pending (Flip out Window Screen support for solar device recharging - Currently in Beta version. Seeking development partner with aluminum screen shop in Canada.
  • Plans for Customized smart drafting table
  • Plans for modular light weight 12 X 9 ft, DIY designerbuilt in wall unit , including LEDS and USB hubs. Customer layout changes easy with standard Ikea supplier columns, shelves and hardware. Cost with high quality less than $1,000 for typically quoted over $5,000 for custom inbuilt wall units  

5.  Taicanada branded graphic card game of global products whereby those over 8 can learn what about which products Canada makes and which are imported from China. 


1. All items are either shipped directly under white labelled shipping or available online. A 15 day return policy with return shipping by the buyer is included with all products.