As a quiet introverted Taiwanese girl in a loving family, through sheer persistence and the strong shoulder of her father to lean on, Jasmine found her calling. Not surprising it followed almost identically the career path of her father into an administrative role at one of the Taipei middle schools. The next chapter of her life was a lot less predictable.  

Taiwan Daughter,

   An original short story by Norm Meyer, Dec 2020

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It was the millennium era but despite all the mad popular daily distractions of social media and online dating Jasmine was the model of a serious young Taiwan English teacher at her Junior High school. She was the exact opposite of care free English foreign teachers which her Taiwan Aunties had tried unsuccessfully to emulate until they retired.  Like most Taiwanese she had chosen her English name of Jasmine for its phonetic likeness to her Chinese one. While early on in her career, still shy and heavily dependent on her father who had been a school administrator, she quite naturally gravitated out of the English teaching classrooms to those less staged education duties in the office areas.  She had always had a bad case of stage fright.