Editorial Posted , Nov 17th 

Reference: "Insidious Power" How China undermines Global Democracy, By Hsu and Cole, 2020

Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justiceemploymenthousinghealth carepolitical power, and education, among other issues. Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institutional_racism

 As an older Caucasian man of German descent, my life, that fact that I have a daughter of color and an  Asian wife cannot destigmatize today social media societies narrow perceptions of who can feel and see racism for what it is . Todays’ face of anti-racism most credible face of anti-racism is a woman,   preferably of color.  Woman will lead the way to political equality including that between races as they come from a real position of long term pain and systemic denial of equal pay and equal fundamental representation rights.

 Most men have sought power for the sake of power for too long, and the current leadership of Xi Jinping in China heads the list of male dominated hierarchy in which institutionalized extreme nationalism rises from a paternal culture in which women have been marginalized, manipulated and actually killed at birth simply for being female. China’s steps to mature its institutional racism are slow and overshadowed by its expansionist ambitions for power and territory, typical of the military man.

Han Chinese nationalism is a political ideology used to glorify the ethnic Han Chinese people and its uniqueness throughout history. It is often intermingled and mixed with Chinese nationalism. Despite this the existence of any racism or discrimination in China is denied strongly by the Chinese government.  Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_nationalism

This Taicanada editorial argues against the denials by the CCP of Institutional Racism and focuses on it within CCP China and particularly how its Nationalist character prevents Chinese overseas sympathizers and profiteers from integrating like other races and committing fully to democracy. As the inevitability of globalization takes root, racism is not just the BLM movement, but far more insidious is CCP Chinese institutionalized racism spreading that potentially represents more than-25 % of global population. It can be likened to the modern day black slavery trade, but in this next chapter of history all non-Chinese, as in China are to be excluded from representation, equal opportunity and equality before the law, controlled by debt diplomacy, by absolute CCP modeled centralized party power, surveillance and extorted through dependence on everything from supply chain dominance to addictive Fentanyl and medical supplies to fight the very diseases it spreads. A hostile state always on wartime footing that has developed complex tactics on how to monopolize strategic world markets, information technology data and soon currency.  

Even with CCP international debt traps, supply chain dependency, unethical hiding of the pandemic, home of the murderous opioid trade and international organization hijacking, China has been successful at concealing and redirecting its obvious racism. (See video)

The sad part of institutionalized racism efficiently ruling singular race populations like China as opposed to our racially diverse ones is that it still exists even in friendly democratic nations like Taiwan. Admirable efforts are made throughout real democratic Asian nations to recognize human rights of non-Chinese but reversing the historic mistrust of foreigners continuing within Asia remains work in progress, gradually maturing through generations. The slow pace continues to work in CCP China’s interests.

The integration of many Asian cultures outside of Asia is far more human and peaceful than was the black slave trade but unfortunately the CCP’s narrative as being the victim not the perpetrator of racism still resonates conveniently with those overseas Chinese especially when it helps profiteering from CCP supply chain and data sharing.  

Tribalism at it’s most basic is ‘what my tribe does is right what your tribe does is wrong’ or ‘what your tribe thinks I fear, what my tribe thinks comforts me’.  Reference: https://tonyrobertson.mycouncillor.org.uk/2020/05/21/tribalism-leads-to-racism/

It is the right of any nation, people, families, communities and individuals to be tribal, it is a strong human characteristic influenced by culture, upbringing and education. When a nation embeds that tribalism as racism within its ideology as did Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany that cultural tribalism becomes institutionalized racism. When a nation as powerful as China, with the worlds’  largest military runs its governance and enlists overseas emigrants using institutionalized racism in the form of extreme Nationalism it becomes a global menace.  When that nation participates and even leads peaceful international organizations such as the W.H.O. and the United Nations Human Rights commission it corrupts and obstructs the peaceful development of humanity. While it is the right and choice of a nation to remain culturally pure, once it leads or participates in shared humanity goals, institutionalized racism becomes both an impediment and a weapon for a strong military nation.  

The dangers and millions of deaths from Nationalistic institutionalized racism litter human history. To ignore such lessons and for CCP China to adopt the same Imperial Japan mindset of expansionism that was so brutal to their ancestors is a sad reminder of how powerful tribalism transitions to institutionalized racism and is rallied within a nation to seek power.

Inter-racial families everywhere do present opposing views to try and balance their childrens’ education towards change.  Tolerance of tribalism, promotion of ones’ culture has a place in society but ones culture should never prevent an individuals’ capacity to see beyond it to support and integrate with all of humanity. Unfortunately, when it comes to extreme Nationalist racism, the kind of hopeful tolerance that characterizes Canada foreign relations with the CCP is just that only hopeful. Inevitably misguided, idealistic and convenient truths end very badly with real consequences to subjugated countries, disenfranchised in society and with material dependencies that tip the scales from democracy to insidious influence by an absolute and hostile power. Hostage diplomacy is only the start.

Countries like Canada, a melting pot of many races do empower that tribalism by allowing almost total self-imposed safe segregation of a race, language and culture by choice offering government services, education and rights to do business only in their own language. Richmond BC, a predominantly Chinese suburb of Vancouver, Canada is a prime example of a community that is closely connected to the CCP materially at the expense of others and Canada.  Markam, Ontario is another where English signs in shopping malls are non-existant. Once the choice is to remain segregated and not integrate is made by an immigrant community than this tribalism is passed on through generations and continues to manifest itself as racism bidirectionally at critical junctures, like today.  

I believe some of the short-sighted misguided segregation enabling policies in countries like Canada validates institutionalized racism as an acceptable norm. This in turn has an insidious impact on the progress democracy has already made towards racial equality between others for example with those of darker skin color. Accepting or appeasing institutionalized racism in China, along with its extension into Canada,  along with the violent subjugation of democracies who reject communism like HK, Taiwan and Tibet allows or even invites the spread Chinese extreme nationalist racism. It ends up replacing the historical western society prejudices we have worked generations to improve on with an even more calculated, secretive and insidious one.
Reference  “Insidious Power”  by Hsu & Cole, How China undermines global democracy. Copyright 2020, ISBN 978-1-78869-213-7

Michael Cole, a fellow Canadian in Taiwan I know released with Hsu the 2020 book “Insidious Power” that was released earlier this year. Not to overstate my relationship with Michael , former editor of the Sentinel newspaper in Taiwan but I do endorse both his book, tireless efforts and courageous work to bring to light of day the insidious methods of the hostile CCP regime globally through striking examples of it in Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand as well as sections on Cambodia and the Philippines.

The books’ twenty five page introduction could stand alone as a textbook in formal education anywhere for those wishing to understand the day to day risks we all face for generations to come from the CCP. After reading other sections I went back often to draw on the introduction given my limited formal intelligence work background. My approach to writing about what Hsu and Cole name “Insidious Power” undermining global democracy drove me to write this Taicanada.com sponsored editorial but with less technical references. These can all be found in the book. Instead I elected to focus entirely on the extreme Han racism that Xi and his communist party are weaponizing among both Chinese in China and those overseas. Han racism as a primary root cause, and CCP China institutionalized racism is not widely written about or recognized.  Having enjoyed living in Asia for 15 years within the Chinese Taiwanese community and witnessing how Xi is weaponizing extreme Nationalist racism in Canada and globally to fit his agenda deserves a lot more attention I believe.   

Han Chinese nationalism is a political ideology used to glorify the ethnic Han Chinese people and its uniqueness throughout history. It is often intermingled and mixed with Chinese nationalism. Despite this the existence of any racism or discrimination in China is denied strongly by the Chinese government.  Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_nationalism

Chinese have by their nature always been very proud of their tribe, their culture, and also notoriously exclusive of other races in business often holding majority control along racial lines. That said, I neither believe that Chinese are by nature racists nor that overseas Chinese in general have learned nothing about integration. I have had and many Chinese neighbors, friends, hockey mates, University friends, business associates and family that are nowhere near racist and I am certain that applies across Canada and in other parts of the world. Realistically though without the overseas Chinese acknowledging Institutionalized racism and supporting change it will be more difficult to stop China’s ideological spread.  To do so requires their help including to stop unethical profiteering from the Covid pandemic, stolen IP and from spreading dependence on CCP supply chains.  Without any realization within the overseas Chinese community that Institutionalized racism is unethical and a serious danger to democracies, Chinese organizations like the United Front will continue their hate speech and promotion of communism here in Canada.  Complicity including silence on institutionalized racism does enable its spread, just as it did with Nazism.

It is the constant extreme CCP Nationalist pull towards cultural superiority and tribalism that perpetuates a continuation of deeply embedded mistrust of foreigners, for which all  non-Chinese are called Wai Gua Ren.  It is constantly fueling mostly groundless claims of racism against Asians globally that eat away daily at the relationships and previous harmony between overseas Chinese and others races outside of China.  That and of course dangling opportunities to profit from CCP methods once one rationalizes the evils of this ideology.   

Taiwan being democracies best hope on a return to educating mainland Chinese on ethics and law instead of only the technology now all transferred there could be a big part of the solution. The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) and The Project 2049 Institute amongst other respected organizations unveil China’s United Front insidious activities globally throughout Hsu and Coles’ book. I share the below quote from the book which captures current Chinese foreign policy that links Xi, the CCP party, Maoism and the state organization overseas named the “China United Front”

Quote, originally from Lenin on the United Front” doctrine on strategic alliances

“ The more powerful enemy can be vanquished only by exerting the utmost effort, and without fail, most thoroughly, carefully, attentively and skillfully using every, even the smallest “rift” among the enemies, of every antagonism of interest among the bourgeoise of the various countries and among the various groups or types of bourgeoisie within the various countries, and also by taking advantage of every, even the smallest, opportunity of gaining a mass ally, even however this ally be temporary, vacillating , unstable, unreliable and conditional. Those who fail to understand this, fail to understand even a particle of Marxism, or of scientific, modern Socialism in general.

Or in my more simple English, create dissention and divisiveness among all enemies in any way possible and ruthlessly take advantage of every rift choosing and switching alliances as needed, as in Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, HK , Taiwan and now Canada, America, Australia, NZ and Europe.  The trail of death over 75 years left by the CCP employing this doctrine is self-evident.

  1. The Connection Between One Race Extreme Nationalism , tribalism and Racism .

I’m not sure how our younger generation sees extreme Nationalism but I hope they understand it as distinctly inconsistent with peaceful globalization and human rights. My generation equates extreme Nationalism with Nazism, Fascism and Communism while recognizing that dictatorships including religious states also adopt such ideology to hold power. Country cultures that have been scarred by such extreme Nationalist histories include Germany, Italy, Japan, and the previous Soviet Union. It is a sad but powerful statement of historic fact that almost 4 times or up to 100 million deaths as compared to the atrocities of these nations are attributable to Maoist ideologically over the last 75 years, as led China CCP Nationalism.  This accumulated total includes the wars CCP China sponsored in Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea as well as continuing horrific death counts from its global Fentanyl distribution and now approaching 2 million from its negligent covered up release of the Covid Pandemic.

Xi’s champion of Chinese ideology, Chairman Mao who he likes to emulate put two wives and his children intentionally in the line of battle during WWII to die without a shred of remorse. If anything, be informed on the evil roots and foundation of China’s communist party by reading fact checked history books. (Recommended reading “The unknown story, Mao by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, ISBN 978-0-679-74632-4”). This is not about a statue of George Washington or John A MacDonald for which removal is now protested by youth in America or Canada.  This is the factual accounting of a ruthless murderer directly responsible for the deaths of more than 50 million Chinese who is still revered by the CCP in school education and promoted as the father of modern day CCP China, no questions asked, permitted or atrocities acknowledged.

These are also the optics of woman suffrage in China, play things in Shinzen condos for the Communist elite, honey traps for foreign exploitation and basically expendable possessions. As per the November post by Taicanada.com on Kamala Harris, Vice President elect, the rise of woman power throughout the world offers encouragement of history education and offers new hope for societies maturing racism and  human rights within democracies. If the women in China can be emboldened by global feminist empowerment, not by the exceptionally vile traitorous example of Carrie Lam in Hong Kong, a disgrace to women everywhere this can open possibilities.

Who in their right mind can believe that a person, party or country that profits from a disease it spreads, attacks then destroys a peaceful free democracy like HK and threatens war against the peaceful 75 year old democracy of Taiwan is anything but insane, cruel and uncivilized? This would never be the path of a mature modern-day balanced democracy only that of an old traditionally paternal absolute dictator bent on maintaining his individual power and that of the communist party for his legacy, that is President Xi.

China today under Xi’s modern-day continuation of Maoist ideology is no different than the dictator of North Korea with whom they share identical expansionism but instead of South Korea against Taiwan.  They may be more sophisticated in their politics and but they share similar mutual alliance nuclear war posturing and ruthless extreme racist nationalism.  China is far more dangerous for its overseas allies embedded everywhere through organizations like the United Front.

In post-Mao China, Han chauvinism has been recognized as a threat by successive generations of leadership, including under the leadership of CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping. However Xi Jinping’s concept of a Chinese Dream is believed to have distinctly Han dimensions and to support Han chauvinism even if unwittingly. The fusion of traditional Han chauvinism with KMT style Chinese nationalism as practiced by the modern Chinese state has been described as Han-centrism. Han Chinese nationalism is a political ideology used to glorify the ethnic Han Chinese people and its uniqueness throughout history. It is often intermingled and mixed with Chinese nationalism.

As an example since conquering Tibet in 1950, Han Chinese nationalists, with support from the PRC government, have been distributing historical documents which portray Tibetan culture as barbaric in order to justify Chinese control of the territory of Tibet; as such, many members of Chinese society have a negative view of Tibet. Although modern Chinese government has largely attempted to promote the idea of a multiracial nationalism instead of a singular ethnic nationalism, its obvious to anyone that no other race has representation, equal opportunity and protection under the law. The recent arbitrary imprisonment and death sentences of Canadian non Chinese is but just one example.  This is the result on institutionalized racism.  Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_nationalism#Tibetans

I see the overseas arm of the CCP , The China United Front as a foreign instrument weaponizing CCP institutionalized racism against non Chinese using its tactic under the Lenin doctrine on strategic alliances. The weaponization of Institutionalized racism includes fermenting conspiracy theory racism claims against Asians, operating a closed Chinese society to subvert democracies and channeling funds to sow unrest in movements like ANTIFA.

There are links between consulates, Confucius Institutes, and student associations and the United Front. The CSSA at the University of Miami encouraged students to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping to Mar-a-Lago in 2017—while also counter-protesting pro-Tibet and pro-Taiwan demonstrators—offering transportation, banners, and signs subsidized by a local China-funded Confucius Institute.

The CCP call to all overseas Chinese to join with the Mother Land Nationalistic cause  common victim role to foreign racism using all principles described in Maoist- Leninist theory, the support of exclusionary and secretive Chinese societies and overseas financial transactions benefitting and adding CCP leverage etc.

  1. Taicanada FB Nov 9th 2020 paid Ad with Washington Post article on upcoming Biden/Harris Executive Orders. “including US Election Impacts and Taicanada.com opinions”


A good Washington Post article on the slew of Trump executive order reversals planned using the same Presidential authority that DT used. This report even includes reference to the 911 report which cited the troubled transition from democrats to Bush in 2000 as one of the reasons for vulnerabilities leading to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Will this be a repeat against America vulnerabilities , but this time not terrorism but unrest/destabilization/commerce positioning, as there are many CCP operatives & sympathizers in both the US and especially Canada ?

Many Trump policy reversals could happen very rapidly once his court cases are dismissed and the Electoral college formally confirms Biden/Harris.

Hopefully Biden will follow through with the women empowerment of today and appoint Kamala Harris as the lead for China relations with Xi. This would in my view immediately raise the optics that we as democracies represent mature diverse human rights clearing the moral arguments between communism and democracies that the CCP has been trying to win. The vast difference between institutionalized racism in China and growing pains in democracies has been lost in the streets and also aggravated by alleged ANTIFA funding of the anti racism violence offshoot from BLM in the US.

Although a Kamala face to face would be more effective the China Covid virus will likely prevent this. Seeing how Xi can deal with one of the worlds most powerful woman of Indian background will be very interesting, his first reaction likely to be demanding time only with Joe. Kamala would ethically be the wiser choice along with prohibiting any further controversial financial dealings with the CCP by President Elect Joe’s son.

If anything this will help bring into sharper contrast for the world to see , the insidious extreme Nationalistic racism being weaponized by the CCP globally against all non Chinese. This racism also builds from draconian measures against those free Chinese residents of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibetan descent being converted by military force to this communist ideology under the new CCP National Security Act rolling out in steps first in HK.