Writing projects include

1. Proposed Netflicks Series screenplay , 8 Episodes (Confidential), pending film editing agreement with Canadian film production company, and licensing application to original writers estate.  

2. Taiwan fictional short stories, For list of Titles and Status (see Taiwan Short Stories (taicanada.com) . Initially to be released online, see first one for free at 

3. Editorials for Taicanada Advocacy initiatives , 8 Monthly editions released 2020, (See Canadian Advocacy Editorials)

YouTube Film Projects include 

1. Editorial licensed films clips , Go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pjSVwWVlWOEUsZh_bo_aQ

2. Taicanada.com 2021, Branded mediaInformation and Marketing Video 

2. U-Tube BC Strata improvement videos, See personal Youtube channel 

3. U-Tube East Vancouver poverty , See Personal Youtube Channel 

4. Taiwan Stock footage for Short Stories, in Publishing.  

Independent Film Productions